The Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram

Choosing a dolls pram for your little one can be quite tricky. But if you’ve found your way to this review then you’re well on your way. We only review products that we recommend, and this is definitely one of those. And it’s currently HALF PRICE!

Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram Review

The Good: The Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram is designed to look like a realistic pram that mummy or daddy would use to push baby around in. The large wheels, the lightweight design, comfort grip and the adjustable handle bar make it easy to operate, and the under seat storage and shoulder bag (which comes with the pram) provide plenty of space for little ones to store all of their doll’s accessories. It also folds flat, which makes storage a breeze.

The Bad: Some users have reported that while the design is lovely, the construction isn’t quite up to their expectations. For example there have been a few reports that the quality of the material leaves something to be desired.

The Bottom Line: Offering a range of features and a modern, sleek design (plus, the eye-catching purple color,) this toy pram is designed to provide little girls and boys with an authentic experience when they take their dollies for a stroll. Offering plenty of storage, an oversized umbrella to “shield” the dolls eyes from the sun, and a realistic, thoughtful design (and all at an affordable price,) this dolls pram is a great buy for the child who really wants to pretend that their dolly is a real baby.


The Silver Cross Ranger is a pram for dolls that is designed to look and function like true sized prams that are used for real babies. The rear facing buggy offers plenty of space for larger sized dolls (up to 50 cm in size) to “comfortably” lie in. It has an oversized umbrella to “shade” the baby dolls eyes and a cover that will “shield” the doll from the elements.

The Ranger comes complete with a matching shoulder bag, as well as under seat storage, which are both ideal for storying all of the doll’s accessories and must-have items that the child wants to take along with them on a stroll. The handle is fully adjustable, reaching a maximum height of 74 cm. It is also covered with cushioning to make it even more comfortable for little children to push. When it’s not in use, the pram can be folded completely flat, which makes for very easy storage. Suitable for children between the ages of 3 and 7 years, this pram is an ideal choice for children who want to look stylish while they are pushing their baby dolls around for a stroll.


The Ranger offers a modern, sleek design that is made to replicate a real pram that is used with real babies. This toy pram offers several notable features that set it apart from other models currently on the market. The most notable features include the following:

  • A coordinating shoulder bag that can be used as a nappy bag for the baby doll
  • An adjustable handle bar that reaches a maximum height of 74 cm
  • A padded handle that makes it comfortable to push
  • An under seat storage tray, which is ideal for storing accessories, such as blankets
  • Four sturdy wheels that easily glide over all surfaces
  • An oversized umbrella to “shield” the baby doll’s eyes
  • A cover that will “protect” the baby while it is riding in the pram
  • Folds flat for easy storage

Customer Reviews and Scores

Customer reviews are one of the most valuable tools for assessing the quality of a product and whether or not a product will meet the expected needs of those who are planning on buying it in the future. Amazon is one of the most trusted online stores, and they also offer one of the most trusted customer review scales. With their 5 star review scale, customers can rate products based on their overall experience and offer comments that provide further information. A rating of 5 on this scale is the highest and a rating of 1 is the lowest.

At the time of writing this review, the Ranger had an overall rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, which is excellent. Of the 368 people who reviewed the product, 271 gave it 5 stars, and 44 gave it 4 stars.

Consumers who were the happiest with the pram said that it was very thoughtfully designed, easy to use and that it provided plenty of space. They also noted that they liked that it folded flat for easy storage and that it came with a matching accessory bag. Those who were not as satisfied reported that the pram was not quite as sturdy as they would like.

Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram – Conclusion

Given the price and the realistic design of this toy pram it would definitely be a good investment if you have a child that likes to engage in role play with their toy dolls, and we therefore recommend it.

At the time of review the Silver Cross Ranger Dolls Pram was available with a nice DISCOUNT and came with FREE DELIVERY.






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